How to Create a Personal Fundraising Page

One big way to support Yadkin Riverkeeper's efforts for a cleaner Yadkin River is to participate in Paddle-A-Thon as a fundraiser. The following are step by step guidelines on how to make YOUR personal fundraising page:

Personal fundraising pages

Public profiles can easily become personal fundraising pages.

1. When you register for an Paddle-A-Thon, you automatically get a personal profile in the Yadkin Riverkeeper member nation.

2. Make sure you sign into Yadkin Riverkeeper nation and update your account settings and profile.

Here is sample of the account settings page from a website named Jamboree:


Since this user logged into her account settings and added a statement of support and committed to fundraising, her public profile was enhanced, as seen here:


When Julie committed to a fundraising goal on her account settings page, a progress bar was added to her profile. The contribute button includes herĀ recruiter link, ensuring donations made by her friends are credited towards her fundraising goal.

Julie can now send a link to her page to all of her friends and when they donate to the nation, she will be credited as the fundraiser.

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